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Submit your Federal and State tax returns over the internet.
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Over 20 years
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Minnie Jefferson is the owner of: Integrated Tax Services, for sixteen (16) years.  Before devoting her work as a Professional Tax Preparer, Minnie served as an employee and a manager of Internal Revenue in the Taxpayer Service Division, where she completed returns and answered tax questions for the public for fifteen (15) years.

Minnie is enthusiastic about assisting individuals in getting the best return experience they can have.

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Minnie Jefferson
Tax & Record Keeping Consultant


"Minnie has been my Professional Tax Preparer over 25 years and also my Bookkeeper for my Salon business for sixteen years. Minnie is very efficient and has given me excellent service for many years, always dependable and knowledgeable. I can always count on her expertise and wisdom she shares. Love her like a sister, because she is!" 
"My wife and I have been faithful customers of the Integrated Tax Services for some years.  Mrs. Minnie Jefferson is a fair and hard-working woman, and she is very thorough in getting our taxes done in a timely manner.  She is fair and reasonably priced. She is always willing to work with you to resolve any issues when it comes to your taxes.  We love getting greeting cards for all occasions from the Integrated Tax Services team."